Only when you know how much energy you are using can you begin to handle it with care.

Companies that operate in many different locations need to have access to analyses and benchmarks based on key energy indicators in order to make comparisons between their various sites. And this is where energy monitoring from swenex comes in, a monitoring process that uses load curve and reporting and billing data. swenexís energy monitoring service also comes with various event-driven notifications (e.g. if a specific threshold for costs, performance, energy over a certain time period, etc. is exceeded or not met). The energy monitor from swenex gives you direct access to load curves, bills, reporting and billing data, etc.



  • Energy is handled with care
  • Energy consumption is monitored via key indicators
  • The success and financial impact of energy-saving measures are monitored
  • Outliers and abnormalities are spotted
  • Event-driven notifications are sent