Mission statement

The companyís mission statement is set out below and provides an insight into the swenex teamís values and approach.

 Mandate / Guiding principle

  • swenex is the leading energy service company in Switzerland for end consumers in the field of ongoing energy management (energy procurement, energy data management and billing).
  • swenex is not dependent on any single utility company, producer or transmission grid operator.
  • We are our customersí trusted expert partner for energy management.

Target groups / Fields of activity

  • We are a full-service energy management provider for industrial and service companies. 
  • We create transparency around the purchasing and cost of energy, conduct procurement, monitor bills and handle the billing process.
  • We also offer energy services tailored to individual customers.

Profile / Benefits for customers

  • Our long-standing customer relationships are built on our unbeatable service quality. 
  • Being a medium-sized company enables us to be ready for action quickly and respond flexibly to our customersí requests.
  • We deliver innovative, comprehensive and high-quality energy management services.

Management and staff

  • Our management approach is based on cooperation.
  • We give our employees stimulating work to do and support them in achieving their objectives.


  • We plan our investments prudently and with an eye on the long term.

Team spirit / Continuing development

  • Our philosophy of open communication and transparency in our business processes creates trust and promotes strong teamwork.